Sponsors of LIFT are the backbone of our local economy, our local educational aspirations and this area's arts and entertainment community. Businesses, organizations and individuals together weaving depth, color and diversity into the cultural ecosystem, raising the tide of lifestyle enrichment for all.

UVaClub of Loudoun NCAA R2 Broadlands 2015As this initiative grows, from a grassroots, community-led perspective, all support is valued and recognized. Many opportunities are available to make a difference, and anyone can contribute - with sponsorship commitment, with individual donations, with simple yet effective community volunteerism and social sharing.

Become a founding sponsor, and help us make this festival, this movement, this community something the WestXDC family can be proud to have started. Here's some guidance to help make the most of your contributions.



These are the leadership and founders of the movement and initiative to brand and promote this area West by DC as a cultural destination, tied tightly to support of the local business economy and educational advancements. Backed by the area's most impactful, experienced digital marketing agency, sponsors have a unique opportunity for enhancing their local web media and social presence in a way no other local festival offers. Sponsors who contribute $1000 will receive feature billing - and we're prepared to produce custom sponsorship opportunities at any budget.

Sponsors who contribute at $250 or $500 increments to offset festival expenses, expand events and fund our charitable causes can expect:

  • Significant, unique, durable and optimized digital media exposure - web, social, mobile
  • Festival recognition - to the audience, the public and to the business community
  • Visible leadership role and speaker opportunities in our nascent WestXDC community initiative
  • Charitable giving - tax benefit, community recognition, scholarship founder status
  • SWAG - can be offered to recognized employees or partners
  • Brand association with film screenings and events
  • Screening and theater passes, plus preferred seating
  • Access to exclusive, private, exciting red-carpet preview event!


These sponsors are our family, at the intersection of explosive growth in educational opportunity, business relationships and cultural awareness that sets this region apart from any other. Sponsorship at amounts under $250 will be recognized online and through our event media, with additional event benefits to come.


This community-driven, charitable event with combined educational, economic development and cultural interests - values each and every donation made for support, regardless of the event. Donations at this time will benefit both a targeted STEM nonprofit initiative, as well as a regional STEAM scholarship - supporting and progressing this movement where it counts, with our students and young professionals.

Contact us for donation information - look for an online donation button soon!